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see ya’ll in hell ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I don’t know how I’m meant to cope with this.

This is relevant to my interests.


see ya’ll in hell ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I don’t know how I’m meant to cope with this.

This is relevant to my interests.

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Anonymous asked: What exactly was "Of Greasepaint and Flyers" Gold doing in the bathroom when he retreated there after he caught Belle stretching?

Gold closed the door as quickly as he could, hoping that Belle hadn’t seen his abortive attempt to leave the bathroom.  Even though he’d averted his eyes when he realized what he’d caught her doing, the image of her was seared into his brain, his body responding to the sight of his beloved touching her toes to the back of her head.

Lurching to the sink, he turned the cold water on full blast, filling his hands and splashing his face, wondering grimly if he could fit his entire head under the tap to cool his fevered brain.  From watching her act every night, he knew exactly how flexible she was, but seeing a demonstration in their shared train car was a thousand times more erotic.  It was all too easy to imagine her performing just for him, wrapping herself around him the same way she made love to her silks.

His cock surged against his trousers, and when he shifted to relieve the pressure, his knee gave out, forcing him to catch himself on the sink before his leg could collapse beneath him.  If Belle ever tried to bring his fantasy to life, he’d never be able to support her weight.

Limping heavily, Gold dragged himself to the closed toilet seat and sat down on it, burying his face in his hands.  Eventually Belle was going to realize just how scarred and useless his fragile body was, and when she did, he was going to lose her.  Why would she want a man too crippled to satisfy her properly when she was surrounded by living gods?

By the time he’d managed to regain control of himself, Belle had finished her stretching, and he accepted her kiss on the cheek, trying not to see the hint of dissatisfaction in her eyes.  The longer he could put her off, the longer he could keep her.

Anonymous asked: I need some more angry!sex rumbelle fic, whenever you can spare the time.

The good news is that Spoils of War is going to be a trilogy!

The bad news is that I haven’t even started writing part 2.

Anonymous asked: Hello! I ended up on your blog by accident and i found myself so deliciously addicted to your works! Can I ask, if in the future you will write something more on Bending Bars? I've always wanted to read something like that, then I find yourself and ... you made ​​my day! :D

Thank you! Welcome aboard!  I do plan to play more with the Bending Bars universe at some point. I love the idea of Belle trying to save her true love from his cursed persona.

Anonymous asked: Ever since the epic "Robert Carlyle character penis discussion of September 2014" I have been wondering about this Plunkett fellow. I haven't seen Plunkett and Macleane, but I read 'Steal My Heart,' and I loved it. I then watched clips of Plunkett on YouTube and GOOD SWEET GRANNY MOLASSES does that man make me want to ride him into the sunset. (Side note: I love how wide RC can open his mouth ala the poster for the film.)

Oooooo, yes. Plunkett is an exceptionally attractive RC.  Ride ‘em, cowgirl!

Anonymous asked: My friend tried to tell me that llamas aren't cute but I tuned that bullshit out. I love llama Rumbelle and baby llama Baelfire!

Llamas are fucking awesome.

Llama!Rumbelle thank you for your support.

Anonymous asked: Hey are you gonna write the rumbelle honeymoon? Cause that would be amazing!

I have a half-done honeymoon fic, but Gold isn’t cooperating.  Fortunately, it still fits with the new canon, so I’m sure I’ll finish it one of these days.

Anonymous asked: You wrote a ficlet I couldn't find on your master(piece)list called something like "The Way it's Supposed to Be" where Mr. Gold takes in scruffy teen Bae. I don't suppose the town librarian was ever enlisted to help the boy catch up on his education? Gold could have hired a private tutor, but the library *was* right across from his shop. And if it gave him a reason to chat with pretty Belle French, well, there was no harm in that.

That’s The Way He Should Go, and I forgot it existed!  Thanks for reminding me!

Gold glanced up as the bell over the pawnshop door rang, raising his eyebrows as a stern-faced Miss French herded Ben inside, the boy’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

“What’s he done?” he demanded, abandoning the clock he’d been in the middle of fixing.  The librarian had been tutoring his ward for the past three months, and she’d never found it necessary to bring the boy to his shop at the end of one of their sessions before.  He and Ben were apparently going to have to have more words about appropriate behavior.

“Show him.”  Miss French’s voice was implacable.

Wincing, Ben reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew a folded square of paper that he held out to Gold.

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